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I am an accredited 5 Rhythms Dance® teacher level wave® and heartbeat® and a certified professional coach. I teach 5 Rhythms Dance® waves and workshops on a regular basis in France (Paris, Lyon and other towns), Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Bielorussia. I give somatic coaching sessions (including the body and mouvement), for individuals and corporations.

All my event are listed in "Agenda cours/stages". There are many other accredited teachers in France and of course, in the world :

Below, you will find a presentation of what is 5 Rhythms Dance®. If you want more information or if you are interested in organizing an event, please contact me. 


Your are most welcome on the dance floor ! 

Marc Silvestre


Published in septembre 2018 on


"Let’s be clear: I am not perfect. Who is? Evolution is a never-ending process and this is for me exactly the heart of 5Rhythms dance. On one side, the dance floor is this amazing arena, where the facets of who we are appear and get dealt with by the incredible somatic intelligence and the soulful consciousness of ours. On the other side, it is a sacred out of space-time interval, where spontaneous joy and creativity can unfold. The old gets digested, the new appears… and the dance goes on. Therefore, for me, 5Rhythms dance is as much a body of knowledge (maps, processes, exercises, tools, etc.), as it is a lifelong laboratory. I feel deeply connected and dedicated to this ongoing work.


As a dancer, I travelled through so many state of being: I laughed and cried, I danced like a tiger and I danced like a butterfly. I met and was met by people from all around the world. What a gift! 


As a teacher, I have given during the last 8 years, classes and workshops in different countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Great-Britain, Lithuania, Belorussia…). I have regularly complemented my 5Rhythms skills with other self-development tools and this year, I graduated from the Heartbeat level. At the core of my work is the feeling of being a guardian of a profound and sacred process. Therefore, I aim at providing a secure and respectful framework where people can truly listen to their senses, intuition, presence and express their present moment reality. 


And what I like the most is when, after the preparation of the “matter” through different exercises and processes, when the dancers are ripe, the alchemy works by itself making them dance like they never danced before."


Created in the US in the 70's by Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012), 5 Rhythms Dance® is a free dance. It is a moving meditation, that can become dynamic, sometimes ecstatic.

There are no gestures to learn, no performance to succeed. You are invited to come back into your body, to feel your breath, and to let your movement unfold freely in a guided dance. " If you don't dance your dance, who will ?", questioned Gabrielle Roth. 

The main proposition is to experiment 5 different rhythms - fluid, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness. They will initiate you to 5 different postures or energies, that are present inside each of us and that we all need. Through the dance, you can trigger these 5 archetypes and access their potentials. "Each rhythm is a teacher, a catalyst, a healer and a gateway to your soul", indicates Gabrielle Roth.

Each dance is unique. The experiences produced by this practice can be very diverse and continuously surprising.



You will be guided through a 2 hours 5 Rhythms® cycle with music. The waves are open to anyone.

Sweat your prayers

These are similar to the Waves but there is hardly any guidance. They are open to experienced dancers.


They can last from a day to a week and are open to anyone. They 

are usually structured around a theme. On top of the exploration of the 5 Rhythms® map, many other dance propositions will be made. Drawing, meditation and other bodywork exercices can also be proposed.


This practice is open to anyone. You don't need to know how to "dance" or need to be "fit". Listen to yourself, take care of your limits and you might be surprised with what can happen !

You need to wear confortable clothes and bring a big bottle of water. Usually dancers are bare foot.

If you come to one of my classes, please let me know so I can teach in english as well. I have a lovely french accent ! 

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